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Jennifer Gaudet, owner of Jennifer's Hamam holding the limited edition Ombre thick-looped towel.Jennifer Gaudet, is the founder and owner of Jennifer's Hamam.  While running her first business (a cafe/art gallery) she learned about many different Turkish handicrafts - ceramics, carpets, textiles - and the one that was mentioned often but did not exist in the area was the famous Turkish (looped) towels made on looms.   The idea of opening a shop selling these extraordinary towels stayed in her mind as a 'next project' idea.


Shortly after the sale of her first business in June 2009,  a colleague alerted her to the fact that a shop in the Arasta Bazaar was for sale.  She had to move fast to not lose the opportunity.  Before she new it, she had a shop, but nothing to put in it.   Of course, the idea of towels filled her mind.  She headed out into the Turkish country-side to find the weavers.


It quickly became apparent the entire industry was all but extinct.  The initial idea of selling high quality textiles soon grew to a higher purpose of saving the art of weaving.


The doors to Jennifer's Hamam opened August 1st, 2009.


Jennifer always loved textiles, but admits that although she loved textiles, she really knew nothing about them.   She states; "My entire and ongoing textile education is thanks to all my wonderful artisan weavers."


Jennifer firmly believes that if we are to save the planet, we need to lighten our carbon footprint and stop using things that are in constant need of replacement.  Her focus on products that will last longer and be more enjoyable to use is paramount when she buys threads and determines designs.


"We are so lucky to have caught these artisans before the entire weaving culture was lost, but the real credit belongs to the clients that have supported us over the last 6.5 years and continue to recommend us. Without them, weaving would have already disappeared completely."


Influenced by music, art and travel her designs are filled with soul.  An ever ending array of beautiful neutrals to fantastic rainbows of colour.  Whether exotic, eclectic, neutral or contemporary, there is something to please all taste; the most difficult part is choosing.


Most say one visit is never enough and when they return home wish they had chosen more.  The years of enjoyment brought from such quality items will keep reminding you of Jennifer and her weavers again and again.

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Jennifer Gaudet, owner of Jennifer's Hamam holding the limited edition Ombre thick-looped towel.

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