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Organic Turkish Towel

Step back into a time where quality, natural & organic were not choices, they just were.  This is a time where craftsmanship and the work of a true artisan was appreciated.

At Jennifer's Hamam, we work with some of the last families and individuals that still have a weaving tradition in Turkey.  All the textiles we sell are woven on old-style-shuttled looms using natural materials such as GOTS certified organic cotton, linen and silk.  All fibres used are Turkish and all the artisans are Turkish, weaving in Turkey.

Just 30 short years ago, weaving villages around Turkey were chocker-block full of many old-style shuttled looms.  Even in Istanbul, looms making the famous looped Turkish towels (plush terry towels) could be found.

Most of these people between then and now have moved on or gone bankrupt and lost their livelihoods in weaving.  Where these people went and what they are doing now, we do not know because sadly, we never had the chance to meet them.

The remaining artisans can be found in a few villages scattered from the south to the southeast of Turkey.  Jennifer's Hamam works with these artisans directly to create beautiful woven towels, pestamel, kese, robes, bedcovers, table & bed linens in a quality that you can no longer find in the world.  Our designs are unique and most are limited edition.

Come explore, learn and enjoy your journey with us into a quality from the past!!

The Jennifer's Hamam Distinction




GOTS CERTIFIED ORGANIC TURKISH COTTON; BEST QUALITY LINEN; HAND REELED & HAND SPUN SILK GOTS certified organic Turkish cotton and all linen threads are purchased personally by Jennifer to ensure that quality standards are always met. Silk threads are hand reeled and hand spun by the last family still doing the entire process of silk by hand. Silk thread quality surpasses all other silk threads available on today's market. 
Artisans and Craftsmen: Distinctive local goods of uncommon value, hand crafted by passionate designers and artisans.
Organic, Sustainable Sources: Natural materials grown and produced in Turkey under sustainable conditions.
Ecology and Elegance: The finest products that uniquely fuse exceptional quality and design while remaining eco sensitive.
Earth and People: Partners and suppliers who share our values and work to make a positive difference in the world.
Human Beings Our inner human spirit and its natural desire to celebrate life by honoring old tradition and culture.
Behind Jennifer's Hamam


Meet the Designer
Jennifer Gaudet, is the founder and owner of Jennifer's Hamam. While running her first business (a cafe/art gallery) she learned about many different Turkish handicrafts - ceramics, carpets, textiles - and the one that seemed to be talked about but did not exist in the area was the famous Turkish (looped) towels made on looms. The idea of opening a shop selling these extraordinary towels stayed in her mind as a 'next project' idea. Shortly after the sale of her first business in June 2009, a colleague alerted her to the fact that a shop in the Arasta Bazaar was for sale. She had to move fast to not lose the opportunity. Before she new it, she had a shop, but nothing to put in it. Of course, the idea of towels filled her mind. She headed out into the Turkish country-side to find the weavers. It was during this search that it became apparent the entire industry was all but extinct. The initial idea was to open a shop with high quality textiles, but once it was evident that the art was in need of saving, the business idea soon turned into an obsession to save weaving. The doors to Jennifer's Hamam opened August 1st, 2009. "Being a sideline lover of textiles doesn't mean you are knowledgeable about them. My entire and ongoing textile education is thanks to all my wonderful artisan weavers." Influenced by music, art and travel her designs are filled with soul. An ever ending array of beautiful neutrals to fantastic rainbows of colour. Whether exotic, eclectic, neutral or contemporary, watch out for this temptress of towels, her designs will surely trap you in a web of lust. Most say one visit is never enough and cry when they return home that they didn't make a bigger pile. The years of enjoyment brought from such quality items will keep reminding you of Jennifer and her weavers again and again. Jennifer firmly believes that if we are to save the planet, we need to lighten our carbon footprint and stop using things that are in constant need of replacement. Her focus on products that will last longer and be more enjoyable to use is paramount when she buys threads and determines designs. "We are so lucky to have caught these artisans before the entire weaving culture was lost, but the real credit belongs to the clients that have supported us over the last 6.5 years and continue to recommend us. Without them, weaving would have already disappeared completely."





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